Case Study: Refurbishment of four motorway over bridges at M4 Chieveley

Main Contractor: Jackson Civil Engineering

Ainsworth Civils were awarded the contract by Jackson Civil Engineering to conduct bridge deck repairs at Chieveley on the M4 junction 13. Recent inspections had found a number of structural defects within each of the four bridge structures at the Chieveley Interchange.  These needed to be addressed to ensure the Highways England network remained in a safe and serviceable condition.

Work that needed to be carried out included replacement of the rotting steel girder beams in the central reserve area and renewal of deck waterproofing material, concrete repairs and resurfacing of the carriageway.

Works were conducted over two phased visits, which included night working during motorway closures

Ainsworth Civils assisted with the placing of the bridge beams, deck steel fixing, concreting the new motorway bridge deck and finally placing concrete to the central reservation.
The works were conducted over two phased visits, which included night working during motorway closures.

Works to the bridge involved constructing F3 formwork to the ends of the universal bridge beams, installing a soffit under the beams and steel fixing works to fabricate four individual rebar sections tied back into the old structures. Structural concrete was placed utilising a concrete boom pump in the bridge deck and central reservation.

Even though the initial parameters of the project changed during the process, Ainsworth Civils supplied extra manpower to bring the project in on time, while maintaining its faultless health and safety record at all times.

The completed works ensure safety to road users and the future long-term integrity of the structures.