What a great night! Fergus’s Circus Charity Ball a massive success!

September 2017

Thank you to all our guests who attended Fergus’s Circus Charity Ball and made it such a hugely enjoyable and successful evening. Besides the great entertainment and atmosphere, we managed to raise in the region of a whopping £30,000!

We hosted this charity ball to raise much-needed funds for five charities (listed on our home page) involved in the care of our youngest son, Fergus, after a terrifying experience last year when our one-week-old baby Fergus was found unresponsive in his cot. We ended up spending a fraught three months in PICU at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, with Fergus undergoing life-saving open-heart surgery at only five weeks old.

Without a doubt, our Fergus is here with us today, happy and thriving, due to the unrivalled dedication, compassion and care of the many, many individuals involved in nursing him back to health.

Through his illness, he would not have survived without the involvement of all these charities and hospitals and we, his family, have also been so unbelievably well supported.

We not only want to thank the charities for their dedication, but also the generous donors who provided such impressive prizes to our auction and raffle. Our guests were treated to an array of holiday breaks, fine dining, fashion and much more. We send a massive thank you to all our guests for their unrivalled generosity on the evening, making the whole event a great success.

Fergus’s Circus Charity Ball is one small way for us to show our gratitude and give something back, but is still just a tiny indicator of the level of appreciation we feel!

Julius and Sinead Ainsworth